The resilient, jQuery-inspired DOM abstraction layer and a UI manipulation library - carefully put together for performance and a playful developer experience.

PlayUI provides APIs for easing DOM-related concerns, UI manipulation, events and gestures, animations, and more. It offers a minimal footprint with concise APIs that let the platform speak for itself.


PlayUI can be used as a constructible function (like the jQuery function) with its core functions available as instance methods.

import $ from '@web-native-js/play-ui';
// Or if PlayUI was loaded via a script tag
const $ = window.WebNative.PlayUI;
$(el1).on('doubletap', e => {
$(el2).play({opacity: 0}).then($el2 => $el2.css('display', 'none'));

PlayUI's core functions may also be imported individually to use in a project.

import on from '@web-native-js/play-ui/src/evt/on.js';
import play from '@web-native-js/play-ui/src/ani/play.js';
import cssAsync from '@web-native-js/play-ui/src/css/cssAsync.js';
on(el1, 'doubletap', e => {
play(el2, {opacity: 0}).then(el2 => cssAsync(el2, 'display', 'none'));

Getting Started