CHTML is a suite of new DOM features that brings native support for modern UI development paradigms: a component-based architecture, data binding, and reactivity. This lets us build elegant user interfaces using the web platform itself.

CHTML is being proposed as a W3C standard at the Web Platform Incubator Community Group based on this explainer.

Check this project out on GitHub.


  • Scoped HTML - Structure your document as a hierarchy of scopes and subscopes.

  • Scoped CSS - Define styling as part of any element using scoped stylesheets.

  • Scoped JS - Define behaviour as part of any element using scoped scripts.

  • HTML Partials - Define, import/export, and compose with reusable HTML snippets.

Getting Started

  • Installation - Follow the installation guide to add the CHTML polyfill to your page.

  • Examples - Get a head start with these few examples.


To report bugs or request features, please submit an issue.