Put up amazing UIs in one go - complete with styling and automatic functionality without leaving HTML!

CHTML is a suite of short specifications and technologies that bring a component architecture to the HTML language itself. This lets us create the UI and its components entirely in HTML - a new pure-HTML approach that requires no build tools, or compilers, or even a template syntax!

Check this project out on GitHub.

Getting Started

Start here for a brief overview of CHTML and follow each topic to learn more. You may also dive straight into a subject:

Next, follow the installation guide to add CHTML to your page.



We're sure there will be errors around here - typos on our docs, clever bugs in code. Feel free to bring these to our notice by filing a GitHub issue.

It's also important to note that CHTML is a bleeding edge technology and may change quickly. Please do thread safely! But as much as we know today, stability is just a few iterations away.